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What to Expect

We aim to exceed your expectations!  The knowledgeable team of doctors and staff at the Weatherford Eyecare Center is ready to welcome you to our family of patients.

You deserve the best.  At your upcoming appointment expect the following:

  1. A courtesy reminder text, email, or telephone call to verify your appointment.  We understand how busy your schedule is.  Tell us which is your favorite mode of communication.

  2. To be greeted promptly by our Hospitality Team.  They will confirm your contact information and offer details about your insurance policies.  Then enjoy a cup of coffee while you browse our gallery of custom eye wear.   
  3. To have your eyes imaged with the latest technology and eye gadgets.  Our team of Medical Technicians is prepared to update your medical history and capture the best pictures and measurements of your eyes.  Have your current list of medicines, allergies and surgeries handy. This helps to obtain accurate measurements and aids in checking the health of the inside of your eyes.
  4. We care about your family, your career, and how your eyes are performing at work, at school, and on the athletic field.  We will listen, carefully examine your eyes, and develop a plan to enhance your vision.  We believe it’s best to discuss all of the latest options with you, and act as a guide for your decisions. Expect to see us every year for routine exams and up to weekly when in-depth diagnoses are made.  We have everything you’ll need for a lifetime of specialty eye care.
  5. Enjoy our gallery of the most trendy, colorful, sturdy and professional eye glasses in Western Oklahoma. Our Fashion Optical Team enjoys styling you for a custom look – this is the fun part! Choose from transition lenses and frames that bend and twist to endure your active lifestyle.  Choose from frames that almost look invisible, to frames that make heads turn when you walk into a room.  We have a huge selection that changes daily – enjoy a seat and allow us to serve you.
  6. Expect clearer vision, more comfortable eyes, and an uplifting experience.  Expect a smooth check-out, expect a “thank you” for your trust, and a comment card (text or email) within a few days of your appointment.  We choose to exceed your expectations.  Tell us how we are doing, or where we can improve.  That’s what you get, custom care from start to finish.

Join our family of patients at the Weatherford Eyecare Center!  We are grateful to have had the privilege to care for your eyes for over 30 years. Call us today to schedule an appointment or register online and we will take care of the rest.